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Welcome to FatFingerGuitar. Here you will be able to explore the Bits and Pieces that will make your Custom Cigar Box Guitar. 

Each guitar is hand made and takes about a week to complete.  Special attention is given to the setup of the  fretwork so it can be  played hard with no fret buzzing.  Each guitar is strung, setup, tuned and then it is played to make sure the build and the sound is right.  It uses a 500K mini pot for Volume using a 30mm Piezo disk pickup. Tone control is an option.

The Base model has your choice of Cigar Box, The neck is made of Poplar or Red Oak, with a Poplar fret board sporting Walnut inlays using a 24.560 scale.  The side fret markers are inlayed in black.   The neck is hand rubbed with satin varnish and polished with paste wax.   All frets are cut, polished, laid and leveled by hand.  There is a stainless steel 0 fret. The rest of the frets are made of 18% nickel/silver fret wire.  The  fret size is medium / medium.  The strings are phosphor / bronze acoustic guitar strings in .044, .034, .026 gauges.  It has a  single Volume control, and sound holes.  Custom builds average about $220.  All up-charges are listed with the individual Item.  All shipping is $25 in the continental US only.

Just a few simple choices to designing your very own FatFingerGuitar cigar box guitar.  Every Item is numbered, write down your choices. Choose your.... Cigar Box, Neck Wood, Fingerboard Wood, Sound Holes, Volume Knob & Head Stock Design. You're company logo or artwork you create can be put on the cover of the box.  Once you've figured out what you want, Contact me via one of the methods on the Contact Page with your choices, to place your order and I'll build it.  For completed CBG's, hit the For Sale button.

You won't be billed until you pick up your guitar at one of the markets, or right before it ships pending your approval.


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